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Welcome To Tom's
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Page

Last Updated :  April 14, 2000

I put this page here as a fan.  I am 16 year old high 
school student in San Diego and  I am a big fan of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and like his music very much.  He inspires my guitar playing and this site is a little way to share this with the world.

Click here to send me mail if there is something wrong with the site or if you have a tab request or anything.

This site features :

Guitar Tabs to some of his songs,

Lyrics to most of his songs,

Kenny Wayne Shepherd links,

A photo album,

and Band Information.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been a real inspiration to me in my guitar playing.

If you haven't heard his music yet, you should go to a music store and pick up his CD's.  They are titled Ledbetter Heights and Trouble Is... and his newest release which is an awesome CD is Live On.

Well, you are free to look around the site.  Enjoy yourselves.  Thanks.

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